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Our Story

Park Therapy was started about 2yrs ago it started as an idea then a question and morphed into a Brand. I honestly thought I would never ride again after losing my younger brother to Leukemia, I was devastated couldn't understand how life could be so unfair. The pain was so intense it was hard to breath somedays, and even harder to feel normal. But somehow, over time I started to feel better I had a great support system between friends and family. So eventually I began riding again and coming to peace with my brother being in a better place. Then soon after my world was rocked again with the loss of my father to heart disease only a month later the feeling was indescribable, the shock and heartache sent me spiraling for months nothing could bring me back and every day seemed harder than the day before. It wasn't until I forced myself to get up and go to the skatepark that I start to feel like myself again. It was almost like the skatepark had healing powers, so it wasn't long before I asked myself how I can keep they're memory alive and are there other people who use the skatepark to cope with depression or anger. The answer was yes all across the board so after a couple of months of brainstorming I came up with a name PARKTHERAPY and the rest is history my brother and father will forever live through me and this brand.